Our Time is Now

Previously, the Boar explored a past in which students took a stand, though by no means always secured victory, in a number of campaigns. Whether fighting against exorbitant rent prices, department closures, or the cost of car parking, past generations would strike, shout, and occupy. In some respects very little ever seems to change. Our predecessors were … Continue reading

Crisis and Cliché: a History

The Students’ Union feature in the last issue of the Boar offered a glimpse into a horrific dystopia: a future without the Union. After predicting a huge budget shortfall in mid March, the SU told the Boar just how grim its prospects seemed – assuming they can’t pull the required £100,000 out of the bag by the start of … Continue reading

Waltzing in the Streets of London

Legal Observer with Police Officers

  The last week of January saw a number of protests and direct actions back-to-back. On the Saturday were two student demos, one in central London, one in Manchester. The London action was also my first as a legal observer –for the uninitiated, a legal observer’s job is to document and hopefully deter unlawful police … Continue reading

An Introduction to the Activist Ethnography

Originally written for the Sociological Imagination, July 2010. Having become a self-defined ‘activist’ at some point in 2008, the stories told by older members of my affinity group at Warwick University always held great appeal. When they spoke of old protests, sit-ins, and comrades in direct action, certain people who I had never met before … Continue reading