Count Me Out takes action against Lockheed

Today was the ‘Count Me Out‘ campaign’s first day of national action against Lockheed Martin’s involvement in the census. In a twitter and email storm titled ‘Let ‘Em Have It!’ people from around the UK barraged the gates of Lockheed Martin with the minutiae of their day. No bowel movement, lunch-time feast or guitar jam … Continue reading

Leveling the playing field: horizontal politics, technology and activism in 2011 (part 1)

  I came in late to the packed-out SOAS meeting room on Thursday 27th January, where a debate had been scheduled between Laurie Penny, the anarcho-feminist and New Statesman columnist, and Ed Maltby of the Workers’ Liberty organisation. The tube had been awash with commuters, and the labyrinth of an unfamiliar institution had conspired against a … Continue reading