Leveling the playing field: horizontal politics, technology and activism in 2011 (part 5)

Social media and internet technology are to some degree changing the way people think and act. At the very least they have provided us with the means through which to counter the discourse of the police, government and mainstream media. More people are coming to realise, certainly, that this trinity of power and legitimacy do … Continue reading

Waltzing in the Streets of London

Legal Observer with Police Officers

  The last week of January saw a number of protests and direct actions back-to-back. On the Saturday were two student demos, one in central London, one in Manchester. The London action was also my first as a legal observer –for the uninitiated, a legal observer’s job is to document and hopefully deter unlawful police … Continue reading

But Words Will Never Hurt Me

When dictatorial thugs oppress their people in far-flung parts of the world, our government’s response is pretty dependable. Nine times out of ten we will ignore it. For the sake of a beleaguered minority who still read the papers and/or give a shit about torture, corruption, and human rights, a harshly worded statement of condemnation … Continue reading

Lessons Written in the Snow

This winter’s early and persistent ice and snowfall have played havoc across Britain. Seasonal travellers have undoubtedly felt the brunt of it: grounded as they were at airports; hopelessly stationary on the railways. In my home in west Dorset a number of schools were also shut, with even the most perserverant forced to close a … Continue reading