Unlettered Generations (December, 2010)

Here it is again. Peculiar clarity; mirth in gravity, Break your chains before white Bone dust marrow turns to medicine – apocryphal remnants. Dizzy, complacent, imagineless. No letters left in the alphabet for our generations. Cavalier declarations from the ‘90s (As puerile and dismissive of How we create as how we destroy). Fetished horizons. Metaphor … Continue reading

Music (December, 2010)

Spinning vinyl of the twenty-first century, Plastic discs and nothingness, Embassy of the casual, rarely collectible In tactile halls; home of radical epistolary: The sounds, the songs, moods and midnight lovers. Woven each in vinyl folds, Rivers shifting truth and lies through The creases of life. Material efficiency so ridiculous, and, As ever, misplaced. Still, … Continue reading

Ballad of the Black Swan (November, 2010)

Once, when I was much younger I heard a story sung Of thousands come together who quickly fell as one. The much-lamented consequence In eight years passed and gone, Draw up another fight for us to lose. Away ye gulls, vultures, crows, you carrion birds, The volatile and insecure in everyone’s dream. Will I be … Continue reading

No Space (November, 2010)

All told the year they broke was all bang, vibrant colours on pixel acid. Three colours. Who knew what they could achieve, just they three? Sun-spots in heaven’s reception, the stubborn mule, so mauled: the secular Good. Fill the cracks; white paint; two coats not three; 1/3 off; inevitable crisis every generation blames the last … Continue reading