Our Time is Now

Previously, the Boar explored a past in which students took a stand, though by no means always secured victory, in a number of campaigns. Whether fighting against exorbitant rent prices, department closures, or the cost of car parking, past generations would strike, shout, and occupy. In some respects very little ever seems to change. Our predecessors were … Continue reading

Crisis and Cliché: a History

The Students’ Union feature in the last issue of the Boar offered a glimpse into a horrific dystopia: a future without the Union. After predicting a huge budget shortfall in mid March, the SU told the Boar just how grim its prospects seemed – assuming they can’t pull the required £100,000 out of the bag by the start of … Continue reading

Being the Difference Needs Resistance

One question I always get asked at election time is ‘what’s the position of the radical left?’ Do we vote? If so, for whom? We also tend to get asked if it’s us who are defacing the Tory posters around Leamington. It actually isn’t, to put the record straight; ‘normal’ people hate the Tories too. I … Continue reading

Rethinking Gender, Power, and Ideas

Last week I went to a hustings in West Dorset. Four parliamentary candidates (the three main capitalist parties and a Green) had been invited to a church hall to discuss foreign policy specific to the Middle East, which, notwithstanding the confusing inclusion of Afghanistan, almost exclusively focused on Israel and Palestine. I don’t mean to … Continue reading

Nothing Says ‘Female Empowerment’ Like a University Beauty Pageant

On the Catwalk

Without a doubt, if I were to call upon any of the prominent transformative women’s movements of the last few decades, all would sagely agree that the epitome of emancipation and female agency is the sound of three-inch heels clicking along a cat-walk, and the vapid ‘fashion’ and aphorisms of beauty pageantry. This is what the … Continue reading

Lest We Remember

When I was at school, every year on 11th November, or as close to that date as the school week would allow, we would hold a remembrance service for all those servicemen and women who lost their lives in the many, many conflicts of the twentieth century, and right up to the present day. Wreaths … Continue reading

Confessions of a Domestic Extremist

The ink was barely dry on my Boar comment piece two weeks ago when the story of Britain’s ‘domestic extremists’ broke in the press. My article had principally been about protest and the discourse of protest. The thrust of the argument was basically that language and images are manipulated by both policy makers and the … Continue reading

But Words Will Never Hurt Me

When dictatorial thugs oppress their people in far-flung parts of the world, our government’s response is pretty dependable. Nine times out of ten we will ignore it. For the sake of a beleaguered minority who still read the papers and/or give a shit about torture, corruption, and human rights, a harshly worded statement of condemnation … Continue reading