Victory Cigars...on election night?

Chris mournfully lights up after the new Tory administration comes to power.

My name is Chris. I’m 23, a musician, freelance designer, activist and marketing person at a radical publishing house. I live in Hackney where I share a flat with three lovely people, who all share at least one or two of the above characteristics themselves. It is a little bastion of tasty vegetarian cooking and anarchist politics that gives us the comfort and energy we need to pace around the world with purpose.

I decided to create this blog because it’s become too much hassle keeping up to date with half a dozen different sites -Flickr, Twitter, Facebook, Myspace etc.- which I use respectively for my photos, thoughts, and music. I also wanted somewhere I could put up my writing and not need to keep tabs so regularly on the various locations on the web in which it gets published.

In a bit more depth then:


Most of my writing takes the form of 500-1,000 word journalism. The page for all of this will be the most frequently updated. I’ve written for Red Pepper and the Guardian, though I imagine another birthday will probably have passed before I see a single penny from my Guardian commission.

I’ve been a freelance writer for a while now, most of my writing being published in the Warwick students’ newspaper, the Boar, between 2007 and 2010. For those three years I wrote reasonably prolifically. My Boar-era portfolio is mostly intact on that publication’s website, but I’ll include some of the more notable/less parochial pieces on a page here too.

I’ve put up a couple of more academic pieces as well, as they mostly relate in some way or other to activism and radical politics. Some of them theorise elements of the arms industry and student affinity group based activism reasonably well. That academic stuff, longer pieces than standard journalism, will have a page to itself too.

No eclectic multi-media arts/radical politics site is complete without a few obligatory poems as well.


I want to use this space to publish some of my better photographs. Cliché aside, images can be powerful things. As well as being politically powerful they can capture anything from a moment of complete peace to an enraged, spitting energy, frozen in time. Feel free to download and re-use. Creative Commons all the way…though photo-credits would be nice.


I have written and recorded music at home since the technology existed to do so, at least on an affordable budget. I signed up with Record Union, the digital distributors, back in 2010, and subsequently a few of my albums can be found kicking around on iTunes, Spotify and Amazon. I thought I’d let this site act as a hub for some of that.

This machine kills fascists

Musical and Political vehicle

If for whatever reason you want to get in touch you can email me at: enworb_sirhc[at]btinternet.com


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