Count Me Out takes action against Lockheed

A blood-soaked contract: Lockheed secure £150 million to help run UK census

Today was the ‘Count Me Out‘ campaign’s first day of national action against Lockheed Martin’s involvement in the census. In a twitter and email storm titled ‘Let ‘Em Have It!’ people from around the UK barraged the gates of Lockheed Martin with the minutiae of their day. No bowel movement, lunch-time feast or guitar jam session has gone unremarked upon.

We had some really creative stuff, and our video from an action outside Lockheed’s offices is already up on YouTube. It’s rather wonderful.

But it’s not all about click-tivism or the twitterati. Tomorrow, Saturday 19th, is a good old-fashioned day of local action. Get involved in your local community to raise awareness about the involvement of an arms company in running our census. Count Me Out has a huge array of actions people can take. Check out the list here, and pick something you like. Our creative dissent can be powerful.

Stay tuned…



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