UK Uncut and other occasions for the word ‘No’

Tomorrow is another day of action, nationwide, this time against Barclays Bank. UK Uncut groups around the country will be occupying, and transforming space to serve those public needs now increasingly under threat. What better place to transform than the furthest point from the firing line: the banks?

A lot of temporary libraries will be blinking into existence tomorrow morning at 10am. Sadly this time I’ll be doing legal, though I intend to bring a book with me; you never know when you’ll want to trade your orange bib for some literature. I’ve been reading Joss Hands’ @ is for Activism recently. I’m still stumbling over the section on Heidegger, so perhaps a quiet environment of forced concentration will be what I need to power through to the juicier chapters on ‘anarcho-twitterism’.

It’s all an exciting time. Perverse things are happening. For the last six months of my life in Dorset  there was nothing happening activism-wise. £30 on a train ticket to London could change that, but that’s not a luxury anyone can long afford. Now, some national activist gathering is afoot in the true-blue county of second homes and relative affluence. Back in the borough of Hackney, it seems I’ll be spoiled for choice tomorrow. Our march against the cuts will wind up outside the town hall, metres from my own flat. It’d be rude not to turn up.

Having been laid low all last week with a damp-induced throat infection, I spent quite a bit of time thinking about all this demonstrating that’s been going on, from the comfort of my bed. The lovely people at Pluto Press will be publishing the five articles I’ve written on the subject each day next week. I’ll be putting them up here too.




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